Treehouse Retreat Part 2!

Happy Friday, everyone!  Here’s another page that really only came together in the end.  Someone when you start one, you’re not sure how it will turn out or if a color choice you made was the right one.  This was one of those pages!  After painting the walls cream, I wasn’t sure if I’d made the right choice.  I kept thinking, “I should have gone pale blue, it would have played so nicely with the whitewashed ceiling.”  Well I’m glad I didn’t!  I’ve said this before, but sometimes you just have to run with what you’ve decided on and see how it plays out in the end.

It was the right choice!  I’m very happy with this page and would definitely love to hang out here.

Finished Treehouse 1Treehouse 2

The YouTube Channel now has nearly 3,400 subscribers and I’m still blown away by all the support from you guys.  Thank you!!!

My mind goes a hundred miles an hour with things to cover on the channel and I wish there was more time.  It’s pretty labor and time intensive putting one video up a week.  Between coloring the pages (which can take many, many hours), filming the intros, and editing the footage, I can’t imagine the YouTubers that do it nearly every day!

I’m thinking about doing a Facebook Live session in the near future to let you guys just ask whatever questions you may be wanting to ask me.  Would that be fun?

I teased a photo a few days on the Facebook group of some new coloring supplies I’ve picked up for some future videos, including watercolor pencils and soft pastels.  Good things are coming!   And don’t worry, they’ll all be in a tutorial or a real-time format so that you can follow along.


Enjoy your weekend!  I’m on my way to the Flea Market tomorrow, one of my favorite outings!  I’m on the lookout for a cabinet with doors to keep by the front door.  On top will be keys, dog leash, and other goodies… and inside will be shoes, since Hunter can’t be trusted alone with shoes!  He likes the challenge of un-lacing things  🙂  I’ve got a cabinet there now, but I’d rather have an antique.



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