Wednesday (I mean SUNDAY) Instagram Round Up!

So I let my Wednesday Instagram Round Up lapse this week, so welcome to my makeup Wednesday (I mean SUNDAY!) Instagram Round Up!

Here’s so Instagram posts this week that stopped me in my tracks.  Check out these amazing Instagramers!

Happy Palm Sunday! The sun is shining and the air is fresh and this gorgeous shot by my sweet friend Jodie @jodiesdesignlife has me longing for my peonies to be back in bloom. The garden looks bare now but in another month there should be a big change! Jodie has such a warm inviting home you will enjoy every photo she posts. And if that isn't enough she and her sister Julie @juliesheartandhome have an awesome blog where they share design tips as well as Instagram and lifestyle tips. I have truly enjoyed reading their blog and I know you will too!! The best part is Jodie is as warm and sweet as her beautiful photos!! Head over now and check out her page and blog! She is def #onetofollow .. #homedecor #homeinspo #blogger #peonies

A post shared by Kim K Hazel / Styled with Lace (@kimk.styledwithlace) on

“As he rides into Jerusalem surrounded by people shouting 'hosanna,' 'cutting branches from the trees and spreading them in his path,' Jesus appears completely concentrated on something else. He does not look at the excited crowd. He does not wave. He sees beyond all the noise and movement to what is ahead of him: an agonizing journey of betrayal, torture, crucifixion, and death….There is a deep awareness of the unspeakable pain to be suffered, but also a strong determination to do God’s will. Above all, there is love, an endless, deep and far-reaching love born from an unbreakable intimacy with God and reaching out to all people, wherever they are, were, or will be. There is nothing that he does not fully know. There is nobody whom he does not fully love.” – Henri J. M. Nouwen💗💗💗There is nobody he does not fully love💗💗💗HAPPY PALM SUNDAY. If you read my latest blog post you know why Easter is my favorite 💗💗💗this week is not supposed to be honored with sadness. As a Christian in Corinthians's I am told to remember his death because through his death on the cross I can have LIFE! So this is a week of thankfulness as a Christian 💗💗💗#sundaythoughts #jesusislord #easterdecor#spring2017 #springdecor #blessed MY MOM MADE ME THIS BEAUTIFUL THROW💗💗💗

A post shared by 🌿 Kellie Ljungholm (@gratefullyvintage) on


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