About Me

img_0247Hello there!  I’m Rachel and I’ve created this blog to scratch all my creative itches!  This is where I will showcase all of my projects, such as adult coloring book tutorial videos (PencilStash YouTube Channel), my drawings, home renovation progress, DIY and antique furniture finds, and maybe even some fun family life adventures.

I’ve called my new adventure Pencil Stash as an inside joke I have with my 9 year old daughter.  Our Christmas card one year was a photo of us creating moustaches with locks of our hair and we even have a “stick stash” collection we’ve gathered from around the neighborhood for our dog to play with.  Oh… PLUS I have a lot of colored pencils  🙂

I love the idea of chronicling my adventures and I hope you enjoy!

Here’s some more random facts about me…   Chicago is where I call home.   I’m obsessed with anything and everything Agatha Christie.  Dog person, through and through.  Night owl.  Coffee before talkie.  I hate holidays.  Running is free therapy.  Netflix is the best use of $10/mn, EVER.  Favorite new toy is the GoPro!




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