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Faber-Castell Polychromos Color Chart (Set of 60) Blog

I can’t take credit for this one!  This link will bring you right to the blog of  Jovana has got amazing stuff on her blog, including this color chart and others you can print and complete yourself, and I encourage everyone to have one of these completed color charts handy!


The PrismaColor Blending Pencil Project

This is the color chart used in the 4-flower page where I showcase the PrismaColor Blending Pencil.


The Manor Series Project Color Charts

Here are the 2 color charts I used in all 5 of the Manor Series videos.  The photos below are small, but the link below will take you directly to LARGE PRINT versions so that you can review and use however you’d like.

Manor Series Project Color Chart #1

Manor Series Project Color Chart #2


The Color Inspiration In Everyday Objects Color Chart

This is the color chart I used in the Color Inspiration Video, where I used my scarf as inspiration for the color palette.  This color chart was actually born out of necessity while I was planning that video, so this was the first!  If you click the link below, it will bring you to the large scale, downloadable format.

Scarf Inspiration Color Chart



Project Color Chart (BLANK)

And for all your project needs, here is a blank one!  You can fill this out manually and use it for whatever project you’re working on.  It’ll help to see all the colors on one page to see if you’re on the right track.




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