REAL-TIME Treehouse Retreat! — Part 1

Hello there!  I hope you all enjoyed today's video, I know I sure enjoyed making it!  One thing I didn't get to share on the video was how much I've been drawn to this particular page since I bought this coloring book (Romantic Country's Second Tale).  I'm not sure if it is immediately apparent, but... Continue Reading →


Instagram Round Up

Today's Instagram Round Up is 5 photos from the SAME Instagram-er, amsac1988. I don't even remember how I came across amsac1988 (Angela Marie) but I'm so glad I did.  Each time I scroll and come across one of her photos, I instantly stop in my tracks. Aren't they pretty????? Not entirely sure what her process... Continue Reading →

I’m Digging… Halo Top Ice Cream!

This week, I am digging... Halo Top Ice Cream!  Have you guys heard of this?  It's all an all-natural, low-calorie, low-sugar, high-protein ice cream!  And it tastes sooooo good.  Most of their pints are between 240-360 calories for the whole pint.  YES...  the whole pint. And it comes in such delicious flavors like, mint chip,... Continue Reading →

Back at it…

I have neglected my poor, unloved website for too long!  At the beginning of the year, I had grand plans of posting on a regular schedule and this quickly went the way of most New Years Resolutions.  But now, I want to get back it and will do my best to keep my word this... Continue Reading →

I am digging ALMOND BUTTER!

Almond Butter is like Peanut Butter, but with less sugar.  Not much less, but less!  I eat it on Gluten-Free toast at night as a snack and boy does it satisfy my sweet tooth.  When I eat it, Hunter becomes my best friend, snuggling up close to me on the sofa, in the hopes of... Continue Reading →

The Second Tale

Today we finished our church scene in Romantic Country's second tale!  It came out quite lovely and a great page to practice our layering color technique.  This allows us not only create colors we don't currently have pencils for, but it also creates a much for dynamic look for your page.  Nature is multicolored and... Continue Reading →

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