Hello there!  I am woefully behind in my blogging!  Travel and PencilStash videos are taking up most of my time, but I do want to blog once in a while, if only to post some additional photos and links to help you guys out. One tool I know I use a lot is Pinterest.  If... Continue Reading →


Wednesday Instagram Round Up!

Hey PencilStashers!  Here's a few Instagram posts from the week that made me stop and swoon!  Check them out!

Wednesday (I mean SUNDAY) Instagram Round Up!

So I let my Wednesday Instagram Round Up lapse this week, so welcome to my makeup Wednesday (I mean SUNDAY!) Instagram Round Up! Here's so Instagram posts this week that stopped me in my tracks.  Check out these amazing Instagramers!

Soft Pastel-y Fun!

So excited to share this week's video with you guys!  It's a good one and was really fun to make.  I used to use soft pastels a lot and sort of got away from them for a bit, but am really excited to re-incorporate them into my adult coloring.  They can be a wonderful way... Continue Reading →

Treehouse Retreat Part 2!

Happy Friday, everyone!  Here's another page that really only came together in the end.  Someone when you start one, you're not sure how it will turn out or if a color choice you made was the right one.  This was one of those pages!  After painting the walls cream, I wasn't sure if I'd made... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Instagram Round Up

Each Wednesday I like to highlight some amazing Instagramers and Instagram posts that I'm crushing on.  This week, I'm highlighting my own man, Anthony (aka.  @orionthehunterphotography).   Run, don't walk, to Instagram and check him out!  🙂 Not only is he an amazing partner, father, and person... he is an amazing photographer.  I am blown... Continue Reading →

I’m Digging… Personal Finance

I'm digging personal finance...  I know, exciting, right?  But it's true!  Having a good grasp on your finances and your financial goals is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your family.  If I were to hit the reset button on my career, being a certified Financial Advisor would definitely be... Continue Reading →

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